Ron Morgan

I work mainly with acrylic paints on canvas. although I have worked in most all mediums. I am a self taught artist, I pick up on what other artist are working with or doing. If I like their style I try to mimic them until I get it to my likening. In 5th grade a math teacher of mine taught me perspective drawing, then I took drafting classes in High school. I suppose that would be my background of sorts. For the last 10 years or so I've been doing motorcycle painting and portraits of sorts. My web site is to view some of my other work.


Ron's Bike Art

Here you will find some of my motorcycle art, some of my girls I've done painting of, and a few animal paintings I've done. Hope you like them, please feel free to give your comments, likes or dislikes. Enjoy

Biker Chic “Biker Chic”

This is a black and white acrylic painting I did. Its done on 300# watercolor paper, 21 x 30.

Biker Babe at the Garage “Biker Babe at the Garage”

Another of the Biker Babe series with Kathy Locker. Acrylic paints on canvas 24 x 36

Road King Night Lights / SOLD “Road King Night Lights / SOLD”

This one I thought I'd do something different. I had seen and done painting of reflections in the chrome of the head lights, so I did a painting of the head lights on. Its an acrylic painting 24 x 36 inch on canvas.

Iron Head “Iron Head”

This painting is of a 1959 Sportster, Iron Head, I just added the winter background, mainly because I had never done a winter scene. Its an acrylic painting on 24 x 36 inch canvas.

Dragon bike “Dragon bike”

I really liked the paint job on this bike, the background just seemed to fit. Its an acrylic paint on 300# watercolor paper 22 x 29 inches

Athena “Athena”

This one I did because of my Granddaughter name is Athena. The bike is a Big Bear Chopper by the same name, model and background were another of those just seemed to fit things. Acrylic paints on 21.5 x 29.5, 300# watercolor paper.

In the Alley “In the Alley”

This is a 2008 Harley Springer, I loved the paint job on that years bikes. It an acrylic painting on 21.5 x 29, 300# watercolor paper.

Lil' Demon “Lil' Demon”

This is a painting of the Valentina Kallias, a 10 painting series I did. Valentina is a beautiful model and photographer. Its an acrylic painting on 24 x 36 inch canvas.

White Witch “White Witch”

Another Valentina Kallias painting. Acrylic o 24 x 36 inch canvas.

Crow Woman “Crow Woman”

Another painting of Valentina Kallias, its an acrylic painting on 24 x 36 inch on canvas.

Lost In Thought “Lost In Thought”

This is an acrylic and oil painting I was trying out. Its on 24 x 36 inch canvas.

Girl in Purple “Girl in Purple”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

Presumned Innocent “Presumned Innocent ”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

Redhead “Redhead”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

Pretty Woman “Pretty Woman”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

Day at the Beach “Day at the Beach”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

I'm Mad To You “I'm Mad To You”

24 x 36 inch Acrylic on canvas

Stormy “Stormy”

One of my lovely ladies on a motorcycle.

Biker Babe “Biker Babe”

this is the first painting of my Biker Babe series, with model Kathy Locker.

Misty Red “Misty Red”

This painting is done in 2 colors, unbleached titanium white and burnt sienna. it's done on a 24 x 36 inch canvas, with acrylic paints.

Rusty Truck “Rusty Truck”

This is a 1947 Chevy truck front fender. It's done on 24 x 36 inch canvas in acrylic paints.