Artist Durkart

Growing up, I always wanted to be around people having a good time. If I could turn back time I would love being in the late 70's, in the alternative dance bars in Chicago, Key West, San Francisco. That's where the people met. They came to have a good time, to laugh, to dance the night away. That positive energy - The music - The lights - The sense of community: I look back on those days, my cares were few. It was, (or it seemed) to be a more peaceful time. That's my goal of my artwork, carefree, light, harmonious, music to the eyes, full of life creations. During those times there was also an undertone of sexual expressionism, which is also apparent in some of my artwork. I want to explore, using dance music of that time, to splash canvas with happy colors, and see what emerges - "That manic energy" - that's what durkART is ALL about. I've been in several galleries in the Orlando area and I have an international following. Pull up a chair check out my sites; look at my "ART". Critiques, suggestions are always welcome. And Peace, the world needs more of it.


durkART Creations

As an artist, my life is all about life's daily struggle. Where the cost of living is going up and wages are stagnate. Healthcare cost continue to rise. To corporations, my life experience does not reflect my wages. I am just a body to run the show and they are constantly reigning in on benefits - to them my shoes can be easily to be filled by others. Corporations now run the government. Elections are bought by the highest bidder and of course they have control of the media. The demise of the middle class, and the demise of unions. The struggle to work 40+ hours just to make in todays world than have my 401K wiped out in the stock market crash. And again as profits of corporations rise, my pay is the same. My healthcare cost continue to rise, my bills aren't getting any smaller, gas isn't getting any cheaper. It's a struggle. durkART - Artist for today's troubled times. Follow me on Twitter , Facebook , and my webpage