Neroda Yuri

I am a painter and sculptor in the third generation. I was born in Moscow, 1964. Completed education in Moscow State Art University of V. Surikov in 1990. Member of Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions. My works are in many Russian museums, including The Tretyakov Gallery, and in personal collections. I am member of Creative Union of Artists of Moscow and Russia since 1991.



Creative Artworks

Argument “Argument”

1991, Bronze, 100x100x90cm

Two “Two”

1992, aluminum, 47x40x34cm

Night Bird “Night Bird”

1990, aluminum, 80x50x40cm

Trek “Trek”

1991, bronze, 43x30x20cm

Conversation “Conversation”

1996, faience, enamel, salt. 47x45x24cm

Samurai “Samurai”

1996, faience, painting. 33x25x27cm

"Cult" Vase “"Cult" Vase”

1992, bronze, 19x20x20cm

Family “Family”

1993, bronze, 35x30x27cm

Dream “Dream”

1992, bronze, 61x55x34cm

Men Talk “Men Talk”

1995, bronze, 30x25x22cm

Breakfast “Breakfast”

1993, bronze, nickel-plating

Formula-1 “Formula-1”

1996, faience, painting on enamel, glaze

Perpetual Motion Machine “Perpetual Motion Machine”

1997, wood, bronze. 130x60x70cm

Centaur “Centaur”

1998, bronze, 23x20x8cm

Earing “Earing”

2000, bronze, granite, glass, gilding. 60x32x27cm

Under The Sun “Under The Sun”

2002, faience, glaze,glass, painting on enamel. 180x75x82cm

Bathing Women “Bathing Women”

2006, alluminum, plexiglas. 80x70x38

Insomnia “Insomnia”

2011, bronze, 86x75x40cm

Autocrat “Autocrat”

2012, alluminum, 114x82x60cm