Roxsane K Tiernan

roxsane k tiernan



Chigiri-e Works-

In Japanese chigeru means to tear and e means Art so chigiri-e means torn paper Art. This uses washii paper which can be half the thickness of a Kleenex or have fibers scattered through. At times this paper is folded to create various dye patterns. Other sheets may be dyed in random patterns. It is a challenging but rewarding collage medium.

Under the Canopy “Under the Canopy”

Image is 25 x38 inches, double white matt, black frame. A walk in nature's cathedral, peaceful, calming.$1800

Wetlands “Wetlands”

The water reflects the sky on this clear day. The colors are fresh, lively. This is on canvas board, white liner with gold offset in a black frame. The image is 18 x24 inches. $850

Goose Trail “Goose Trail”

A clear autumn day--vibrant colors--a fresh breeze and the creek tumbling along. $795 black frame and matt.