Dion Pollard Aka Artist Dionja'y

Dion j. Pollard aka artist DionJa’Y


Dion j. Pollard aka artist DionJa’Y was born in Washington DC in poverty. He remembers he and his brothers having to eat leftovers from the local Gino’s chicken place trash cans, because food was very little at home. He remembers having to attend school with holes in his pants and shoes and being teased because of it by other kids. But the one factor that kept him going was his artistic talent. Dionja'y started drawing at the age of 7, but took his talent seriously around the age of 13. He saw his brother drawing from comic books one day and decided to try his hand at it.

DionJa’Y excelled at drawing from what he saw and decided to start creating from his mind's eye and on a more realistic level. Dionjay’s style is in detail. He started drawing in pencil, but soon graduated to other mediums. DionJa’Y found his love in acrylic paintings, oil paintings, pastel paintings, pencil, ink and dabbles in digital painting (a painting process using a digital stylus as your paint brush). He loves the textures of oil and acrylic, the raw sketchiness of pencil and pastels and the uncontrollable flow of watercolors and inks. DionJa'y then moved on to creating more 3d works that elevate off the canvas. When Dionja'y was in the 11th grade his art teacher gave him a scholarship to Maryland Art Institute. Home life made it hard for him to continue. However, it did not matter because God gave him a gift. God given talent they call it. Later on DionJa’Y attended the Academy of Art University to add the extra punch to his works and make contacts in the art world. A family issue only allowed him to attend one year. Yet God's blessing still flowed through his veins. It didn't stop him from growing and following his artistic calling.

Dionja'y paints to wow those who buy and view his work. In his work DionJa’Y paints to make things right in the world. Where someone is hurting, he paints them smiling. Where DionJa’Y sees destruction, he paints happiness. DionJa’Y’s goal is to paint to correct any negativity in the world through his work. That’s why he steers away from painting war, pain and tears. Dionjay's work celebrates life, happiness and hope. He seeks his own style which varies in many ways, but still gets his vision across. DionJa'Y's works can be found at Artstina'tion Gallery at the National Harbor, in the collections of Rolan Martin American Journalist, his wife Jacquie Hood Martin and many others. DionJa’Y lives at National Harbor Oxon Hill, MD with his son.

Artist Statement

My work is purposely a storyboard to represent the colorful, expressive and spiritual representation of black culture as I see it. I create, through different mediums, a representation of black culture visually to capture and connect with the viewer. My goal is to take my viewers on a journey through my mind's eye creating a conversation visually and then transcend the canvas into deeper conversation. You will see that I work in a lot of raised texture and mediums. The goal is not only to tell a story, but to give the viewer a sense of touch. I believe the viewer should feel the movement of the piece which draws the viewer in wanting to know more.

Another thing you would notice in my work is the uplifting nature of it. I like to present and celebrate black women. I show them as strong and bold to represent the many obstacles they had to overcome. I try to re-introduce the black man as one who has the world on his shoulders but show his victory. I show the youthful and highlight their talents and joyful spirit. I present the black family and show strength through strong family bonds.

You also will notice I depict the success of the black culture whether through known or unknown pillars of society. My overall goal is to correct what is wrong in the world concerning black culture through my work and present its strength, positive spirituality and triumph over adversity.