Zi Moreira

Zizelda “Zi” Moreira was born in Brazil and grew up in a poor family of five children. As a child, Zi lacked paper to sketch the ideas that filled her head, so she drew on anything she could find (including margins of school Books), never dreaming she would one day become an artist.

Moreira took her first painting class at the age of 32. Four years later, Moreira opened her own studio in Brazil and began teaching her unique style. Most of Moreira’s pieces are in acrylic, however, she also works in oil and mixed-media. In 2003, she was awarded “The People’s Choice Award” at a public exhibition in Jundiai, Brazil.

In 2010, Moreira moved to the U.S. with her husband and two sons. Her first U.S. exhibition, was a year later entitled, “ Os Anjos Em Minha Vida” (The Angels in My Life). Moreira, an intense artist, utilizes a strong connection with the spiritual world to influence her artwork. According to Moreira, “I live in the physical world and yet relate to the other world I sense and experience, the essence of the spiritual world is captured in my artwork”
Moreira hopes to stay in the U.S. “My heart is here now”, she said. Learn more about Ms. Moreira and view complete gallery on line at: www.zimoreira.com


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