Beverly Brodsky


It Comes about: 60 X 70"_oil/c

Nature is a voice that translates into form and color on my oils on canvas.

It Comes About “It Comes About”

About the natural elements in abstraction.

A walk In The Marsh 72"X78" “A walk In The Marsh 72"X78"”

Chromatic contrasts and modulations across the surfaces of my canvas create the depth and space I try to evoke.

Inner Fire _ 60"X70" oil/canvas “Inner Fire _ 60"X70" oil/canvas”

I want to engage viewers in a visceral way through the materiality of paint surfaces and with an intuitive approach. Color is my passion.

Resurrection 78"X72" oil/canvas “Resurrection 78"X72" oil/canvas”

My long walks along the Hudson River move me to new levels of sensory experiences. I am deeply affected by evolution and the capacity for renewal
(especially after the tragedy of 9/11), and the fact that birds and fish are returning to cleaner waters.

Reflections_60"X70" 2012 “Reflections_60"X70" 2012”

Reflections of the Hudson River are references for this work. I enjoy seeing the colors dance off the surface of the water.