Roberta Masciarelli

Roberta Masciarelli has been a graphic designer/visual artist for about 25 years.

Her early career started in Sao Paulo, Brazil - where she is from originally.
There she worked for many advertising agencies and book publishers
in addition to various free lance projects.

After relocating to Dallas in 1999, for about 10 years she continued her design career
working assignments in North Texas, doing graphic and web design for several companies.

Her art are assemblages created from found objects mixed with paintings.

She says:

"My art is about spaces that I sense,
places that I like to travel to in my imagination.

These spaces stay hovering in my mind until
they take shape, piece by piece.
They have to become real.

Sometimes it take days, and sometimes months -- it doesn't matter.

What matters is my task to make them concrete and to be shared with the viewer -
other eyes and minds which will bring different interpretations.
After all, it is always in the eyes of the beholder."

Her art has been exhibited in art events within the US in Dallas, Washington DC and New York.

Internationally, she has exhibited in collective shows in England, Holland, Denmark,
Portugal, Spain,Turkey, South Africa, New Zealand and Bosnia, Japan & Italy.

She has a bachelor's degree in Architecture, from Mackenzie University, Sao Paulo, Brazil.



Art for the Future

Artwork created mainly with repurposed materials & found objects

Life “Life”

Mixed media
Dimensions: 18 x 14x 2 in / 46 x 34 x 4.5 cm

Artwork created almost 90% of recycled materials.
The top part represents Space and the bottom, Time.

Space: Although sometimes we are insulated in our homes, cars and computers, we keep ourselves alive in our little world. And we are connected to each other through our divine spark inside us.
Time: The life source keeps flowing in different phases - the spirals, each one representing one third of our life.
Different experiences, feelings are represented by the colors which changes according to time passing by. Life is bigger than time and space--it transcends the artwork itself.

Protection “Protection”

--What is delicate has to be protected
Mixed Media
Dimensions: 9.5 x 18 x 2.5 in / 24.2 x 45.8 x 6.5 cm

Artwork made from a antique shelf which was broken.
The L shape metal mending pieces were used to preserve the structure as it was originally, without changing its shape.

Where the Cats dream “Where the Cats dream”

Mixed media: ready made wood shapes assembled.
The wood frame, recycled from a thrift store, is a vintage cabinet door transformed into a box.
Dimensions: 15 x 12.5 x 2 in / 38 x 32 x 5 cm

Watching Squirrels from my Window “Watching Squirrels from my Window”

Mixed media: acrylics on canvas, pre cut wood shapes, recycled wood frame
Dimensions: 18 x 8 x 1 in / 45.7 x 20.3 x 2.5 cm

Holodeck time “Holodeck time”

Time is as flexible as our imagination, welcome to the Holodeck time!
Woodwork (from recycled wood) over acrylics on canvas
Dimensions: 13 x 17 in / 33 x 43 cm

Springtime on the Lake “Springtime on the Lake”

Wood sculpture over painting (acrylics on canvas) assembled in a wood deck.
All the wood is recycled.
Dimensions: 17.5'' x 17.5" x 3.25"/ 44.5 x 44.5 x 8.5 cm
Weight: 4 lb.

Moon Eclipse “Moon Eclipse”

Woodwork over acrylics on canvas assembled in a wood deck.
Work made using recycled wood.
Dimensions: 17 1/2 x 7 7/8 in- 44.5 x 20cm

Tribute to the Fukushima victims “Tribute to the Fukushima victims”

Balsa wood working over acrylics on canvas, assembled in a recycled wood frame
Dimensions: 9.5x18 in / 24 x 46 cm

Victoria “Victoria”

When the 'Sprouts' cows are just cows and they are not food anymore
when the Sprouts farmers are harvesting their meal from a good soil
when the Target red circles are cleaning the atmosphere instead of being a brand
when the hummingbirds are flying freely in the sky
when the Starbucks mermaid is not a corporation logo but a goddess...
So... we are living a good dream.

Collage with recycled material
Size: 12 x 12 in / 30 x 30 cm

Lux Brumalis “Lux Brumalis”

Lux Brumalis means Winter time, in Latin
Size: 22x13x5.5in - 56x33x14cm
Mixed media, created with 85% of repurposed material (wood spoon, metalic grill piece, wooden costers)
More images:

Devotion of 21 Buddhas “Devotion of 21 Buddhas”

Size: 17x21x4.5in - 43x53x11.5cm
Mixed media, created with 70% of repurposed material
More views at:

Rain Dancer “Rain Dancer”

Size: 24x16x6in - 60x40x15cm
Mixed media, created with more than 80% of repurposed material (garbage component, wine corks, discarded jewelry).

Here Comes The Sun - The Solar Flares “Here Comes The Sun - The Solar Flares”

Size: 24x13x8.5in / 61x33x21cm
Mixed media with found objects assembled with metal hardware and wine corks.
Found objects: part of a wood bench, cristal lamp parts, discarded jewelry, decorative metal frame, small wood box)