Ashley C Shapiro

I'm a Mystic Expressionist with a woman's unique vision and perspective. My work creates intimate spaces which promote an atmosphere for relaxation, meditation, peacefulness and healing. I'm inspired by the conflicting forces of darkness and light, both metaphorically and literally.

I am deeply grateful for the gifts that my grandmother, Janet Sobel, shared with me--her total freedom with paint and forms and her creation of many revolutionary techniques. Remarkably, she did not begin to paint until she was in her forties--after she had already raised 5 children.

Her work attracted the attention of the greats of her time and her home became a salon with visitors like John Dewey, Max and Jimmy Ernst, and so many others--writers, sculptors, gallery owners, art critics, and well-known artists. She had one woman shows in NYC in the galleries of Sidney Janis and Peggy Guggenheim. Her art is represented in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC.


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