Alexandra Schastlivaya

Alexandra Schastlivaya
Born July 19, 1961 in Leningrad, in 1972 entered
the High college Ioganson at institute Repin Academy Arts of the USSR, in 1979 graduated from the class of graphs.
Participated in various exhibitions and expositions Saint-Petersburg,Moscow art galleries,
exhibitions in private galleries in France,Germany,UK,Italy,Spain,
Swiss,USA,Canada,Australia,S.Africa .
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia, member of the creative association, "Polyrealism XX century".
I live in Saint-Petersburg, working in the field of painting, both traditional and informal
(subjects, portraits, landscapes, still lifes etc...)
doing graphics using other related equipment.


The Original of life on Earth...

The origin of life, space, image illusions

Woodland Choir “Woodland Choir”

Genesis of Life on Earth

Forest time “Forest time”

Genesis of Life on Earth

At a Depth of Ocean. “At a Depth of Ocean.”

Subconscious images back to the consciousness of the world.

Walking in the moonlight. “Walking in the moonlight.”

Life story of mythical characters.