Rosemary Golcher

Rosemary Golcher:

Born in Costa Rica, she graduated in 1995 with honors from the University of Costa Rica. She majored in Fine Arts with emphasis on “Painting”.

She was a founding member of the Costa Rican Association of Visual Artists, ACAV, she has been president for four years, and in 2012 completed her presidency. Now she is Honory President of ACAV.

Since 1994 she has participated in several art shows individual and collective of painting, printmaking woodcut, digital art, textile art and drawing in Costa Rica, The United States, Spain, Germany, Chile, Poland, Italy, Mexico, Honduras, Argentina, Turkey, China, Nicaragua, France, Netherlands, Bosnia Herzegovina and Venezuela.


2014: Second place, Popular Vote, “Ventipertrenta”, Tenth Edition, Digital Art Festival, Palazzo Bonfranceschi, Belforte of Chiente, Italy.

2013: Honorable Mention, Fine Arts Competition, 19 th Anniversary of the creation of the Costa Rican Center for Science and Culture, San José, Costa Rica.

2012: Second place, Popular Vote, “Ventipertrenta”, Eight Edition, Digital Art Festival, Palazzo Bonfranceschi, Belforte of Chiente, Italy.

1996: Honorable Mention, Biennal Pfizer, “VI Watercolor Tribute to the Costa Rican”, San José, Costa Rica.





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Digital Photos

I want to show in this portfolio some digital photographs I have exhibited in various art exhibitions. They are digital photos I have taken and then have intervened. I've printed it on canvas.

The Room “The Room ”

"I had the opportunity to photograph different corners of the house of a dear friend, and this space I loved it for its simplicity, with nostalgia and old air. Everything in perfect order even though the space is small, nothing is lacking and nothing is superfluous "

Homesickness “Homesickness”

"I was impressed with this house in Barrio Amon, very humble, simple, but with a delicate beauty with a tree in the middle of the sidewalk, adorning its facade. This house should protect inside stories and testimonials from ancient times and now. "