Aristi Hadjisavva

Aristi Hadjisavva

Location: Cyprus

Hadjisavva was born in Cyprus, where she lives and works. She is a self- taught
artist. Her main themes are the human figure, the portrait and the abstract,
with the main characteristic being the intense colors. She has participated in
36 group exhibitions, three of them in London, where her work ‘’A man’s
Moment’’ was voted one of the top 12 artworks at The Salon Des Refuses Summer
Exhibition 2017, four times digitally in Zurich at THE SWISSARTEXPO, three
times in Italy, one time in Greece, in 2021 at the ARTEXPO New York, and the
rest in Cyprus. At the early years of her career, she had her first solo
exhibition. Her works are in private collections in Cyprus and abroad, and she
appeared many times in the Cyprus press and in several websites.



My Artwork

My artwork consists of oil paintings on canvas,the titles and themes are taken from human emotions and life conditions.

Old Times Reflections “Old Times Reflections”

oil painting 80x60 cm

Sensuality “Sensuality”

oil painting 60x80 cm

A Man's Moment “A Man's Moment”

oil painting 80x100 cm

Universal Peace and Hope “Universal Peace and Hope”

Oil painting 100x80 cm

Moments Of Life “Moments Of Life”

oil on canvas 80x120 cm

Roads of the Soul 1 “Roads of the Soul 1”

oil on canvas 70x80 cm

Roads of the Soul 2 “Roads of the Soul 2”

oil on canvas 70x80 cm

Patience “Patience”

oil on canvas 60x80 cm