Dominik Skupina

Dominik Skupina was born 1990 in the Czech republic, Ostrava city, where he studied high school Visual Arts. Dominik was talented from an early age; art was his hobby.
Unfortunately during his studies while in high school, Dominik was unable to develop his own artistic vision and style. This resulted in Dominik questioning his self confidence and his overall passion for art.
Upon graduation, Dominik decided to move to Florida, USA, where he finally rediscovered his passion for art.

"It was hard to get back my lost self confidence in art,now I am so glad, that I can just let the flow of art creation speak to me, which shows me where to continue in my art journey. I believe, it's the best way to learn - creating with joy and freedom!"

Dominik's artwork is a reflection of his philosophy, reflection of attitude to society, to nature and moreover of his spiritual mind. Dominik‘s oil paintings are a combination of female figures and abstract background in their related relationship together. Dominik perceives the females as " builders of the future", because they have much more developed senses for emotions and instincts than males have. This heightened awareness that female’s have of their emotional and instinctive being is becoming more and more important in today’s society. Abstract background and titles of works are expressions of feeling or dialogue inside a figure and coincides with feelings of myself as an artist.

Dominik’s art works are created with the intention to inspire or provoke people to open their eyes and start finding their own path to happiness.

"Painting is my passion, expression of my feelings related with world around me."

"Never is time to stop learn something new , develop skills, grow! But only your own way, no ways of others"


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