Thomas Kiechle

Forms are, like for accountants? Actually I work in many media.
Assemblage is what I am most known for since 1968. But I also paint, especially larger sixfeetX 5.5 ft. finger paintings. My website is over ten years old and is no longer appropriate at all because non of my new work is there, and I have little patience for programming a new page. A friend did that one. She died some years ago. I photograph, and make sculptures of multi media and resin, and paint acrylic. I hope to do a website again to catch up with life, but for now I am off from driving public transportation because of the high risk of Covid-19 and my age soon to be seventy. So I have been moving out of a studio, after having moved out of another one, used three at once. Now at home in number three studio. Have been showing publicly since 1968 0r sooner, depending on what venue, all over SFBay Area and USA shows coast to coast. I have a list somewhere. Anyway I am totally about art work. I live for that. I have done many jobs over the years to support this dangerous habit. I don't like politics in art or much of anywhere, so maybe I can say I am mostly self taught outsider, but I have learned a lot by watching and study, and some classes at schools, no degree yet. I like to think I reach people with my work, but I sort of gave up showing because it is so much money and work, and I really liked the old days when I had agents, or galleries represent me. It saved me time to do my work. I crated up a couple tons of art work to have a show in Chicago, a dream, I love Chagall, and a lot of other old stuff from those days, Picasso, and as many artists as I can see. I crated the work to ride on a train to Chicago, but I had to leave my studio in Marshall sheep ranch barn because of finances, and the Chicago connections never responded, I started loving the crates as much as the art work inside them. They never got to Chicago, but they cost a lot of money to store. Some people who bought work and offered to store it on their walls still like it. So that's nice. I like several local artists too. Anyway thanks for youe interest. These days I am obssessed with art and a way of life, so maybe someone will notice and help me come to surface somtime again. I would really enjoy that. Blessings and Love to You All


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