Timothy Brewer

My focus lately has been on the creation of an Interactive Picture Book set in NYC for the iPad: Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello. This multi-media work allowed me to write, illustrate and create music––which I find deeply rewarding. I have begun work on a second book for the iPad as well as started again at the easel painting works grounded in the techniques of the old masters. www.timothybrewer.com www.cabbycat.com


Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello

Cabby Cat & the Missing Cello is an interactive children's book set in New York City for iPad and iPhone. The story, artwork, and music were created by Timothy Brewer. The story is narrated by CNN national correspondent Jason Carroll and
features Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor, as well as original jazz and blues music. Available on the App Store http://bit.ly/KaIDXX

Carnegie Towers “Carnegie Towers”

An interactive page: the book opens, notes sound, page scrolls down.

Food Fight “Food Fight”

At one point in the story the reader gets to pelt the Hound Dogs with food who are onstage at the Cool Note Cafe in New York.

Reservoir Cats “Reservoir Cats”

An image which shows the Mo-Mo Ya and his entourage after his big concert at Carnegie Hall.