Linda D Godisak

LYN Godisak

Artist biography

“Lyn’s art Studio” Started in Grand Rapids MI. Then moved to Traverse City MI. For 7 years creating was difficult there because it was necessary to be the care giver for her husband John who had Alzheimer's. He died in 2012. At that time home became a very lonely place so travel sounded like it would be good medicine. Eventually Spartanburg SC was the place where the travel trailer landed for about 2 years. Still, trying to paint was difficult. Some work was completed
but the passion was hiding. A move to Asheville NC then to Waynesville NC where there was a little yellow house with possibilities waiting for someone. This little house on a big lot became a canvas for mountainside gardening, room for pets to play and the best inside and outside studio space. Slowly Painting became more of a passion and plenty of time to get caught up on techniques.

Fine Arts Degree

Juried shows - MI and IN

Solo and group shows- MI

Painting sold-US and Great Briton

Classes-taught- private art school and a non-profit art academy: special event grade school classes: continuing Ed,: In studio-group and individual private classes: and the most rewarding class at a retirement home.

Mediums-graphite, oil, watercolor, and pastel. Also interested in pottery and mixed media

Subject Matter-still life, figurative, landscape

What ever venture I pursue I am always brought back to art and my desire to create. In 1971 I began a serious journey to explore the stirring and yearning in my soul to draw and paint. I soon realized I needed more then workshops and artist taught studio classes so I pursued a Fine arts degree. I continued by auditing college classes and studying abroad. A major learning tool was teaching art classes and learning from students. Teaching constantly reminded me that the place you go to when you paint lets you explore your vulnerability, energy and aliveness.


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