Merana Cadorette

I wish I could spin you a line like: 'my brushstrokes are inspired by Wei Dynasty calligraphy, but my palette reflects the jewel tones of Medieval stained glass'.

But that is not me.
I am just an old grandmother soul that has been creating since I first got a chubby baby fist on a crayon. For decades, I have worked in a variety of media, in many sizes, and in several themes. Some may reoccur and occasionally mingle with others.
My artwork sprawls from impressionist over to, but never reaching, absolute realism. It reflects my life, mental state and interests. I adore dramatic color and very often lean towards a blue/orange dynamic. Skies are rarely calm, buildings should look old and lived in, and people should make you wish you could meet them.


45+ years in the making...

I've worked in watercolors, acrylics, hand-built ceramics, pen & ink...and dabbled in several other medias.
Here's a very tiny sample.
Want to see more?

Goddesses of the Seasons “Goddesses of the Seasons”

This is actually four separate painting. "Spring Sprite" (30" x15"); "Summer Siren" (24"x12"); "Fall Phoenix" (30"x15"); and "Winter Witch" (24"x12"). You can find them and their stories here:

First Family Kiss “First Family Kiss”

When I became a grandmother, I decided to record our grandson's growing, his learning, his imagination, many times relating that to other family members.
There's currently over 80, and he hasn't reached 10!
This painting celebrates the first tender moment that a couple is now a trio and a family.

Johnson Square, Savannah, GA “Johnson Square, Savannah, GA”

We lived in Savannah, Georgia part-time on and off during a ten-year period. While there, I worked mainly in watercolors to manage the mess of working in an apartment. 26 of these paintings became the book: "Gates of Savannah" published by History Press. The edition of 1500 sold out.
I compiled an edition of 60 and have that available in a Lulu edition. "Scenes of Savannah, an artist's portfolio".
You can take a look at several of them here:
I chose this painting because it showcases one of the oldest squares in the historic district, and has City Hall in the background.

Dawn Montgolfiere Experience Pentaptych “Dawn Montgolfiere Experience Pentaptych”

I very much enjoy aviation. I am not a pilot, but delight in interesting aircraft and the characters behind development and flight. I have done avart in at least 4 mediums, want to see more?

This is another set of paintings put together as a set for view. It encompasses a balloon (Mongolfiere!) flight we took on a trip to France.
There is the dawn launch, two views inside the basket, the chateau (Chenneceau) we drifted over, and the champagne and certificates at the finish.