Mitra Devon

Mitra N Devon is a Fine Art Painter residing in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Her medium of choice is oils on canvas. Mitra’s representational paintings of nature and the natural landscape are all inspirations derived from her own love of nature and landscape photography. She has been painting with oils since the age of 10.

Art has always been a passion for Mitra. She graduated with a degree in the Design of Environment and Art History from the University of Pennsylvania with a Masters Degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Prior to moving to Santa Fe, New Mexico, she had been participating in painting studios at the Art Student League of Denver for a period of six years, where she studied with Internationally known artists, Rob Gratiot and Doug Dawson.

Her paintings are in many private collections throughout the Country. She also exhibited her work in shows throughout Denver, Colorado and through National and International Online gallery exhibits and competitions.


Mitra N Devon Fine Art Painting

Painting with Oils has been my favorite medium since the age of ten. My training and educational background in the History of Art, Design of the Environment and Landscape Architecture have provided a rich foundation of design principles which continue to drive the visual design and composition of my nature and landscape paintings. The painting process keeps me focused on the here and now.

The nuances of nature and the natural landscape and their inherent beauty are what inspire me to paint with oils on canvas. With my oils and brush in hand, I delight in the edges, textures, shapes and colors that hold me captive in a moment's time, in a specific place, mood and scene within my surrounding locale and its natural elements. Through painting, I seek to capture that one scene and moment that compels us to pause and take it all in.

It is my hope that the finished painted canvas can focus the viewer's attention and move them the same way I was moved in an instance in time by a specific moment in nature and its surrounding scenery. With each painting I seek to reveal the fleeting light, movement, patterns and beauty that make the ordinary extraordinary.

Quiet Melancholy “Quiet Melancholy”

The Calm after the storm while driving towards Monarch’s Pass in Colorado was such a melancholic moment. It was a cold February night. Looking out the passenger window all that lit up the snow drift landscape were the car headlights and the moon trapped behind the clouds. All that was the slushing of the snow beneath the wheels and the slow howling cold wind outside. It was quietly melancholic.

The Cold Front “The Cold Front”

Heading to Crested Butte, Colorado on a cold winter day, all the eye could see was expanses of snow laden fields quietly set against the foothills.

Calm Before The Storm “Calm Before The Storm”

Big skies, expansive fields of grass and austere beauty is what one faces driving through the Gunnison, Colorado.

A Splendid September Sunset “A Splendid September Sunset”

Viewing the beautiful foothills from Jackass Hill Park in Littleton, Colorado on splendid September evening, I was lucky to capture and witness the sun setting over the Dakota Ridgeline.