Adrian Per

Adrian Per

Location: Romania

I ,m Romanian ,I live in Timisoara . My profession is Engineur of Shipbuilding and I am supervisor for A Dutch Company of Ships buildings.
I travel much in China , Russia, Turkey . I make Photographys from more 5 years .
I have gallerys on www.peradrian. com, I have in 2010 , First place in the colorawards Master Cup , Abstract , amateurs.
I thanks for The Mention obtenied to Your Prestigieus Contest !!


Romanian Images

Images from my country ,during of all seasons .

Danube To Canyons “Danube To Canyons”

River Danube ,in SW Romania

Freezing Fog “Freezing Fog”

In the Domasnea Forest,last winter.

The Ranch “The Ranch”

In Banat , ranch near a Forest

Caransebes Town “Caransebes Town ”

In West Romania, Photo in Caransebes,after rain.

Fall On The Hill “Fall On The Hill”

Near Orsova ,onthe mala Hills and Valley

Cerna Valley Fall “Cerna Valley Fall”

Near Herculane Cerna Valley

Summer Flowers “Summer Flowers”

Summer Flora , close up to my Nikon .

Nera Valley Cascade “Nera Valley Cascade”

Faimous Valley of Nera River, SW Romania

Ilovitza River Fall “Ilovitza River Fall”

Long exposure to waterfall.

After Rain , Astraghan , Russia “After Rain , Astraghan , Russia”

Astraghan , a russian Town , near Volga Delta to Caspian See , 20 m under See Level . after Rain , more streets are full with water.