Dikla Laor

Dikla Laor

Location: Israel

Photography is a significant part of my daily life, filling and charging me with the desire to keep on creating. Every moment of photographing is accompanied with a childish excitement as if it were the first time.
The camera enables me to see life at one frame at a time and to discover a whole world within it; to choose one moment in time, to commemorate it, to hold its beauty, to examine it and see what the eye missed in a glimpse: a speck of dust, a single light, movement of fabric, water...
I love photographing everything: children, young and old people, landscapes, urban streets, architecture, the random and the staged, color and black & white. I photograph everything pretty to me at any moment. But mostly... I love to photograph women.
For me a woman is the essence of existence, who is containing, has all the beauty and procraetion, childishneess, femininety and maternity.

I see my photographs as describing beauty and optimism, both apparently are in the eyes of the beholder.

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