Priscilla Pompa

priscilla pompa

Location: Mexico

I consider myself an observer an citizen of the world, I like to observe and click, whenever my eye sees something, and if I imagine anything else, I create it, so there is an image of it.
and I always say
It's the eye, not the camera


Colored Vision

these are my photographs over the years, some are documentary, others are created scenes and self-portraits, some have a concept, others a moment, or a place in the world. My vision trough the lens

on fire “on fire”

this was taken in Cuba in the middle of the road, it was on fire, I felt in another time and era, even on a movie set, but it was all real

No violence “No violence”

due to the violence, in my country; Mexico, something had to be done, the drug war was at is highest, and what we can do with art is so amazing, a picture really is worth a thousand words

we are slowly decaying “we are slowly decaying”

global warming, nature disasters, it is all caused by us, its our obligation to get better at taking care of our earth, mother nature is upset, of course she is. We must do something. This is a self-portrait

Drowning in alcohol “Drowning in alcohol”

the image says it all, this is a self-portrait

wear the hat “wear the hat”

this was taken in the north of Argentina, in Salta, this young girl was selling hats

For times of crisis “For times of crisis”

This represents the world, and the crisis that we have been going through, tough times for many. Self-portrait

Why follow? When I can lead “Why follow? When I can lead”

Inspirational image, you have to set your own way, and not be a sheep and follow. Follow all you can, dreams, love, you name it.