Ondrej Rudavsky

You can visit my website at: www.ondrejrudavsky.com

Ondrej Rudavsky was born in Bratislava-Slovakia.
1986 Came to America – lives and works in USA and Europe.
Ondrej Rudavsky is a renaissance artist in the truest sense of the word. He works in a multitude of media outlets (film, animation, painting, photography, video installation, digital art, illustration, jewelry, costumes, sculpture and music) all of which allow him to create a universe of captivating and compelling subconscious worlds that are both hypnotic and dream-like. His Art has been shown at XLVII Venice Biennial; Museum of Modern Art/New York; EXPO in Hanover; Museum of Arizona; Los Angeles International Biennial; Sundance Film Festival; New York film festival-Lincoln Center; Annecy film festival; Bronx Museum; etc. His animated music videos for Los Lobos, Dead Can Dance & Moby earned him an MTV Award, and a Grammy nomination.


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