Carmen Renieri

Carmen Renieri

Location: Germany

Carmen Renieri was born on June 7, 1961, in Timisoara, Romania. She discovered and followed her passion for the arts at a very young age and in a most unusual way. At the age of ten and while recovering from a serious illness, Carmen convinced the Director of the hospital to transfer her via ambulance to the art school so she could take the admittance exam. She was accepted and from 1972 to 1980 she attended The School of Fine Arts in Timisoara, Romania and graduated with a Diploma of Excellence in Graphic Design. After graduation Carmen attended The University of Timisoara from 1980 to 1984 and earned a Master of Arts degree.

A few months later, Carmen chose to leave the suppressive system of communist Romania and move to Greece where she pursued her interest as a Freelance Designer from 1984 until her family moved from Romania to Germany in 1987. Carmen?s desire was to be close to her family again and soon followed settling in N├╝rnberg. For the next ten years she worked as a Designer for Fine Pewter Creations where she was able to refine her artistic talents through sketching and modelling prototypes. At this point in her life painting was not her primary interest but she developed her skills in a rather intuitive and auto-didactic way and soon fell in love with the canvas.

After taking a short break to spend time with her young son, Carmen began her career as a Freelance Artist in 1999. She mainly uses figurative techniques and her art often transcends the common, entering the metaphysical realm of imagination. Painting for her is an endless journey of self discovery and a way of communicating to the world what she sees and perceives through her eyes. Carmen?s paintings have been on display through many collective and solo exhibitions and her art in several private collections throughout Germany, Denmark, Britain, Italy, Greece & the United States. Her love for the canvas is very much alive today and her interest in social and political issues are now influencing her current projects.