Karolina Golawska

Karolina Golawska

Location: Poland

I’m fascinated by man and his ability to adapt to various situations he encounters on his life path.
I've experienced a great deal of pain and suffering in my life and for me painting has become the cure for all the ‘evil’ of this world.
I'm inspired by almost everything I come across on my way and what I see. The paintings reflect my thoughts.
I try to transfer visions from my mind to canvas, revealing my feelings to the world.
Although I was born into an artistic family, I have no art education –one day, a few years ago, I just grabbed a brush and started expressing my feelings with it.
I don't accept patterns in life, appreciate originality and individual approach to every aspect of the surrounding world.



acrylic painting on the board

Faces “Faces”

Acrylic paiting on the paper

100 cm x 70 cm

Woman with bottle “Woman with bottle”

Acrylic painting on the board

78 cm x 59 cm

Love “Love”

Acrylic painting on paper

70 cm x 100 cm

Sip “Sip”

Sip-40x60cm-acrylic paint on canvas_2021

surprised “surprised”

surprised-40x60cm-acrylic paint on hdf_2020

Invisible touch “Invisible touch”

Invisible touch-60x60cm-acrylic paint on plywood