Baltina Jevgenija

Baltina Jevgenija

Location: Latvia

A professional artist of Europe: Jevgenija Baltiņa. Author and founder of the newest Direction in art of the 21st century: "Scintillonism" and her own style - "Scintillopictura" ("Shimmering painting"). The picture was created in such a method impossible to reproduce! Developed and paints in a unique author's technique of painting, they can not be repeated. Four works are kept in the "Latvian Art Museum"; in the largest gallery "MC2"; in the ANCOL Foundation, which will form the basis of the "Museum of Modern Art", cat. will begin to be built in Latvia in 2018. Since 2012 work sold at the European auctions, participated in several solo and international exhibitions. There are in private collections around the world. In 2012, included in the "Register of professional artists (XVIII-XXI centuries)" and the printed edition of the book "United Artists Rating" (issue XIX). Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia. Education: University of Latvia and the School of Design REBS. Principal dimensions fabrics and materials: 60x80, 70x90, 90x90, 100x70, 100x80 cm, oil on canvas on stretcher, oil, brush, palette knife. In 2017: personal exhibition "Scintillonism" in the building of ANKOL (LNKBA); a personal invitation to participate in Artexpo New York, Art San Diego, Spectrum Miami in the USA.


Oil Painting "Scintillonism"

In this album there are works created in the 21st century, in a unique author's oil painting technique (canvas, oil, 100x80 cm).

Gift of Heaven “Gift of Heaven”

Oil on canvas, palette knife, "Scintillonism", 90x90 cm, 2016.

Hookah for blonde “Hookah for blonde”

The picture created in such a painting technique can not be repeated.
Oil on canvas, palette knife, 70x90 cm, 2015.

Character of the sea “Character of the sea”

The picture created in such a painting technique can not be repeated.
To understand the charm of the cool waves of the Baltic and the amazing "Nature of the Sea", you can view this landscape! It is designed and designed to reduce the retinal strain of the eye, for people with a heavy eye strain, anyone who professionally works with a computer! Canvas, oil, palette, 100x70 cm, skinnillonism, 2017 year.

On guard of Harmony “On guard of Harmony”

Canvas, oil, palette, 100х80 cm, 2016 year. Unique authoring technique! The picture created in such a painting technique can not be repeated.