Veronica Garcia-huidobro

Veronica Garcia-Huidobro

Location: Chile

My childhood and youth were marked by changes; countries, languages, cultures….great experience from meeting so many different people who will always remain in my memories.

My university life started with languages (Translation); Spanish, French and English, a bridge for direct communication, irreplaceable in human relationships.

This university life then extended on to Sciences (Biologist), where I learned the immense creation of God from a scientific perspective; the physical, chemical, biochemical knowledge, of plants, animals and that of man.

My professional life, at the beginning, was linked to Sciences and Communication (Biodata Ltda.), which at that time were starting to change the way in which the world would communicate.

Arts were a constant during all my life, through ballet, drawing and painting. It was the sickness of a loved one that led me definitely to arts. I decided to take “sabbatical” time off to accompany my sick father and also follow the career of Bachelor of Arts at the Universidad Católica.

Finally, it was my decision to help those people with a history of life on the streets, by donating the proceeds of each painting that I sell, to the Corporación Nuestra Casa (, which has motivated me to become a professional painter.

They are the motor of my creation, through which I capture my passion for horses on white canvases.

Finally, nothing that I have previously described could have been possible without the constant love and support, throughout more than 30 years, of my husband, José Rafael, who with infinite patience has been a faithful companion on each new adventure that I, his restless partner, have undertaken.

As an extension of these 30 years, our 3 children, María Verónica, Jota and Valentina and also my son-in-law, Sebastián, have been as supportive and enthusiastic as their father.

Thanks to life, that has given me so much……



My signature style is created by the texture within my canvases. I fill them with color, and present through form and shape what impassions me the most; especially horses.
The message I would like to transmit is my perspective of beauty...through the color, the rhythm of brush strokes and the deep feelings I have felt in the process of giving “birth” to each art work. I paint what I feel and motivates me, I intend to never loose the honesty in what I try to transmit, nor the humility