Ioana Toader

International artist Ioana Toader has been creating art in different mediums since she was a child living in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Ioana studied Painting and Fashion Design at Ioan Andreescu Institute of Art in Romania before transferring to the Cleveland Institute of Art in Ohio to pursue her education in Interior Design, Painting and Fiber. Throughout her career in art, she has participated in various Group and Solo exhibits throughout the world, including Romania, Germany and France.
Ioana’s Expressionist portraits, landscapes, and abstracts feature bright contrasting colors that convey an edgy sensuality. She has developed a body of work as a means of communication. Her intention in painting is to always begin from life, then to interpret the subject matter from a deeply personal and expressionistic point of view. “I look, I feel, I create! I work in the moment. The painting must be free to wander.” The best works are those that seem to simply happen and therefore adopt an overall mystery of the piece itself. She is using a palette knife on canvas in order to achieve a rough statement, which balances out the ideas of chaos and order.
Having worked as an Interior Designer and as an Art Consultant on a number of projects, she is aware of how important art is in residential and commercial environments. It can be a tremendous addition to pulling a design together, and to try to paint the exterior world in such a way as to evoke the mysterious richness and vastness of the interior world each of us carries within. It is something the artist was compelled to produce and her hope is that some of that feeling is passed on, or generated anew in the viewer.


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