Clelland Glenise


Location: Australia

I am an established Australian artist with a diverse portfolio of work. I have worked and painted in the Pacific Islands and exhibited in Australia and overseas. 4 of my paintings were chosen for exhibiting at the Florence Biennale. I have won many prizes for my art both painting and drawings. I have a website which showcases some of my work. I have 2 quality hard cover books available "Love Falls in Love with Love" and "Of Loving and Sensualities" which have 40 pages of my expressive nude paintings and drawings and emotive words.


Australian landscapes.

My studio is on the edge of acres of waterlily ;lagoons and surrounded by tall white melaleuca trees. The play of light and the reflections are a constant source of inspiration.
I have traveled extensively in northern Australia and Western australia where the strong colours of the landscape dominate my paintings.

  Wetlands “ Wetlands”

My studio is surrounded by acres of waterlily ponds and tall melaleuca trees. The everchanging light and reflections are a constant source of inspiration.

  Melaleuca shadows “ Melaleuca shadows”

The play of light and the shadows are constantly changing and the tall white trees dominate the landscape and my vision.

  Sunlit bathers “ Sunlit bathers”

The ponds are inviting on our hot summers days and sometimes I imagine the bathers entering the cool clear water while the sun clothes them in a golden light.

 Cooks Passage “ Cooks Passage”

I lived for a while in Cooktown in far north Queensalnd where Captain Cook
had to beach his boat for repairs after running onto the great barrier Reef. I imagined what the landscape must have looked like over 2oo years ago when Captain Cook had to find his way out a narrow passage which is now called Cooks Passage.

58x177 cm oil on 2 canvases framed

  Love falls in Love with Love  “ Love falls in Love with Love ”

This quality hard cover book 21cmx21cm has 19 pages of emotive words and 19 images of real people painted from life.

life drawing has always been an important part of my ongoing developement as a visual artist . It is a way of seeing and exploring and expressing emotions.

This book is a book for lovers - those that have loved, those that are loved and those that deam of love.

Aus $30.00 + postage

2 books for Aus$50

  Of Loving and Sensualities “ Of Loving and Sensualities”

This quality hard cover book is for those that cherish the printed word and images drawn from real life.

The nude has always been an important part of my art education and I have had many exhibitions of my nudes. The emotive- sometimes slightly erotic words - combined with my expressive images make this book a wonderful gift for someone you love.

The 2 books are available on line - or signed copies direct from me.

Aus $25.00 + postage.