Sarah Sherrington

Sarah is a UK based designer, artist, photographer and illustrator with a BA(Hons) in Illustration from Westminster University.
Sarah has an online boutique where she designs and sells luxurious pure cotton embroidered bed linen for children and infants as well as hand embroidered baby wear, hand painted nursery furniture, lampshades and clocks.
Sarah designs fabrics for several other companies and regularly exhibits her photographic work.



A varied port folio showing some adult and children's commissioned work as well as samples and illustrations of both.

Fabric “Fabric”

The idea came from a photograph taken on a trip to Jaipur in India, using different mediums on canvas and manipulated on screen a fabric/wallpaper design emerged.

Poppies “Poppies”

Flowers blowing in the wind, another fabric/wallpaper design.

Magnolia “Magnolia”

Painted in oils on card, then cut out and replaced on another piece of card. The 3D effect gives a lovely depth and structure to the design.

Eleventh of the Eleventh “Eleventh of the Eleventh”

I was commissioned to paint Spitfires on a child's piece of furniture, from that, I put together this touching little image.

Windy Day “Windy Day”

More Poppies, this time on blue.

Sweet Pea “Sweet Pea”

Painted with a sponge on paper. The original title was 'Wild Flowers' which seemed a little dull. They remind me of Sweet Peas.

Windy Day 2 “Windy Day 2”

Same Windy Day, this time designed as a wallpaper with a border.

Peter Rabbit “Peter Rabbit”

Sample of children's illustration. Oils on MDF.

Beatrix Potter “Beatrix Potter”

Another sample of children's illustration. Oils on MDF.

Benjamin “Benjamin”

And another sample of children's illustration. Oils on MDF.

Ducks at Play “Ducks at Play”

Illustration commissioned for child's toy box. Oils on wood.

Red Mouse “Red Mouse”

Red Mouse is a Sarah Sherrington design which is embroidered on to our children's bed linen. I added the circle of berries to enhance our design for clocks, waste paper baskets and stationery.

Buckingham Palace “Buckingham Palace”

Illustration for clocks, waste paper baskets and stationery.

Sea Horse Blues “Sea Horse Blues”

Design commissioned by a swim wear company. The design was launched at 'Bubble' 2011.

Sea Horse “Sea Horse”

And in green. Water based paints with glaze on paper.

Life of Pi “Life of Pi”

My interpretation and illustration of Life of Pi - great book!

Noddy & Big Ears “Noddy & Big Ears”

Oil on wood, painted on to front of bedside cupboard.

Red Bus “Red Bus”

Enamels on wood, sample illustration for book ends.

Nursery Window “Nursery Window”

Decoupage Rabbits, an exclusive design for Nursery Window in Walton Street.