Qais Al-sindy

Qais Al-Sindy
• Qais Al-Sindy -1967 lives and works in California- USA.
Solo Exhibitions:
• 2012 Jan., Personal Exhibition (Reconciliation with Oneself), Arts Gallery/ Abduallh Salim- Kuwait.
• 2012; Solo Exhibition (Who Knows What the Hoopoe Said?), 4-Walls Art Gallery- Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
• 2010 Dec., Solo Exhibition (The Lost Paradise), Orient Art Gallery, Amman-Jordan.
• 2009 Aug.-Sep., Solo exhibition (Endless Peace) at United Nation Headquarter in New York.
• 2009 May, Solo Exhibition (Secrets of the other half), Cirello Gallery, San Diego, California, USA.
• 2008 July, Solo Exhibition (love and peace), Endangered Planet gallery, Laguna beach, CA, USA.
• 2007 Solo Exhibition (Letters don’t burn) in Dar Al-Anda Gallery- Amman.
• 2006 Faculty member at the college of engineering- Architectural Dep. / Applied Science University-Private/Amman-Jordan, teaching (Free hand drawing and painting).
• 2006 Solo exhibition in Fribourg city/ Switzerland, and participated in the conference at University of Fribourg, introducing a lecture about the Iraqi contemporary art.

• 2004 MFA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad university / Baghdad
• 2002 Diploma in French language / Cultural French Center / Baghdad.
• 2000 BA, Academy of Fine Arts, Baghdad University / Baghdad.
• 1989 B.Sc, college of Engineering, Baghdad University.

Selective Group Exhibitions 2010-2011:
• 2011 Nov. ‘Impulses from Iraq’, Group Exhibition- Iraqi Cultural Center, Washington, DC - USA.
• 2011 Oct. 13th,‘ Mesopotamia Art and Artists in Diaspora’, Collective Exhibition of five artists. Edgar Varlea Fine Arts (EVFA) Gallery- Los Angeles, CA-USA.
• 2011 Oct. 1st. ‘Out of Iraq, Artists in Exile’- Collective Art Show of three Iraqi generations. THE/ Main Gallery, Ohai, California- USA.
• 2011 June 5th. Group Art Exhibit at HA Gallery- Museum of Contemporary Art-, Los Angeles, CA- USA.
• 2011 June 3th. Home Interrupted: Aircrafts of Iraqi displacement. Michelangelo Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA- USA.
• 2010 Dec.12th-Feb.12th- 12th International Cairo Biennale, Cairo- Egypt.
• 2010 Nov. - Scenery form Memory- three artists’ exhibition with Shakir Al-Alousi and Najwa Al-Amen. Iraqi Cultural Center gallery, Washington DC.
• 2010 Sep., Collective show- Annual Chaldean Festival- Ronald Reagan Community Center, El Cajon, San Diego, CA.
• 2010 Aug., (Love Stuck), Collective art exhibition on the Playhouse’s Weiss Lawn, art and fashion event with play of (Midsummer Night's Dream). La Jolla- San Diego, CA-USA.
• 2010 Aug, Iraqi- American friendship show, at St. Rophael Church Hall, San Diego, CA-USA.
• 2010 March, Art and Artist of Mesopotamia- Collective exhibition- Art share Gallery- Los Angeles- USA.
• 2010 February- ( Us)- Group exhibition- Qibab Art Gallery, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
• 2010 January- (Small is beautiful), miniature exhibition, Foresight Art Gallery- Amman, Jordan.

Professional Memberships:
• Museum of the living artist- San Diego Art Institute.
• Association International des Arts Plastiques. (AIAP) -UNESCO
• Iraqi Artist association.
• Iraqi plastic Artists society.


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