Roberta Glick

A mixed media artist, I strive to engage viewers with themselves. In other words, my paintings are intended to evoke the viewer's personal reactions to the content of the work. Often political or topical areas of controversy are presented in an introspective, emotional way that speaks differently to each viewer. Described as "edgy", "out there", "engaging".

I began my art-making life at age 10 when my mother enrolled me at the Art Students' League in New York. I was hooked. Throughout my life I stayed engaged, using my creativity to decorate homes, make jewelry and draw for my own pleasure. The need to earn a steady income precluded a full time commitment . But then when a disability caused me to stop work, I made a major life change and became a full time artist.

My work has undergone several shifts in these last ten years, from a figurative, realistic painter to the more complex but freeing world of mixed media, Dadaism, abstract expressionism, and narrative expressions of my inner world and it's interaction with the external world.


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