Devabil Kara

devabil kara

Location: Turkey


Devabil Kara was born in ?enkaya, Turkey, in 1962. In 1986 he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy of Marmara University, and joined the teaching staff of the same university. In 1987, he took part in the "Engraving Techniques Workshop" held by Prof.Josef Tichy, and attended the Salzburg International Summer Academy, where he focused on lithography. In 1993, Kara completed his doctorate with a dissertation study entitled “Psychological Perception in Artists Personality”. During 1996 and 1997, worked on several research projects focusing on American Art While living in New York and Philadelphia. Kara's works appear in many museums and collections throughout Turkey and other countries.


1985 National Sovereignty Competition “Achievement Prize”
1988 22.DYO Painting Competition “Prize”
1988 Gülhane Activities “Art and Hand Crafts Competition” “Mansion”
1988 Lületa?? “White Gold” Painting Competition “Prize”
1989 23. DO Painting Competition “Prize”
1989 50th state Painting Competition “2nd Prize”
1990 50th state Print Competition “2nd Prize”
1990 Jockey Club 2nd Painting Competition “Mansion”
1990 Contemporary Turkish Painting Competition “Mansion”
1993 Adana Cement Industries T.A.?. Painting Competition “Mansion”
1993 Esbank 10th Yunus Emre Painting Competition “Prize”
1994 56 State Print Competition “2nd Prize”
2001 Jockey Club 5th Painting Compatition "2nd Prize"


1987 International Salzburg Summer Academy, Lithography Scholarship, Austria

One Man Shows

1990 Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1990 Vakko Art Gallery, ?zmir
1992 Vakko Art Gallery, Istanbul
1992 Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1993 Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1993 Garanti Art Gallery, ?stanbul
1994 Falez Art Gallery, Antalya
1994 Ba?ak Sigorta Art Gallery, ?zmir
1995 Vakko Art Gallery, Ankara
1996 Art Home Art Gallery, Mersin
1997 Türkiye ?? Bankas? Art Gallery, Ankara
1998 Parish Gallery,Georgetown, Washington,DC
2001 Atamira Art Gallery, Mersin
2002 Parish Gallery,Georgetown, Washington,DC
2004 Siyah / Beyaz Art Gallery, Ankara
2005”The Fourth Levil” Pg Art Gallery, ?stanbul
2006 Erenus Art Gallery, ?stanbul
2007 Ozun Orkun Art Gallery, Antalya
2008 Atölye En Art Gallery, ?zmir
2010 “Unspoken Words” Pg Art Gallery, ?stanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions

1986 “7th Contemporary Artists ?stanbul Exhibition” Museum of Painting and Sculpture- Hareket Kiosk, ?stanbul.
1986 “23rd DYO Painting Competition Exhibition”, ?stanbul, Ankara, izmir.
1987 “8th Contemporary Artists ?stanbul Exhibition” Museum of Painting and Sculpture-Hareket Kiosk, ?stanbul.
1987 “24th DYO Competition Exhibition”, ?stanbul, Ankara, izmir.
1988 The Organization of Fatih Rotarian Club, Exhibition for four, Gallery Artug, ?stanbul.
1988 “25th DYO Painting Competition Exhibition”, ?stanbul, Ankara, izmir.
1989 “50th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”Painting Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1990 Lületa?? “White Gold”Painting Competition Exhibition, Eski?ehir.
1990 “26th DYO Painting Competition Exhibition”, ?stanbul, Ankara, izmir.
1990 “51st State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition” Painting Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1990 “Contemporary Turkish Painting Exhibition”, Ramko Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1990 “Print ’90”, Print Exhibition, Soyak Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1990 “One Cross section from Turkish Print Art”, Benadam Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1990 “One cross section from Turkish Print Art”, Temizocak Art Gallery, ?zmir.
1990 “Esbank Yunus EMRE 7th Painting Competition Exhibition Fine Art Gallery, Eski?ehir.
1990 “Selçuk Ya?ar Art Gallery Print Exhibition”, ?zmir.
1991 “52nd State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”Print Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1991 “?TÜ and Artist” Group Exhibition, ITÜ/Ta?k??la, ?stanbul.
1991 “One cross section from Turkish Painting and Print”Dam Art Gallery, Ankara.
1991 “Akbank Painting Kollection”, Exhibition, Yüksel Sabanc? Art Gallery,Y?ld?z Üniversity, ?stanbul.
1991 “Contemporary Painting and Sculpture auction Exhibition”,State Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1991 “Artist Theaching Stuff Exhibition”,CRR Consert Hall Foyer, ?stanbul.
1991 “The Artists of Art Corporation Group Exhibition”, State Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1992 “28th DYO Painting Competition Exhibition”, ?stanbul, Ankara, izmir.
1992 “Young Artists Exhibition”, Etibank Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1992 “54th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”Painting and Print Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1993 “3rd ?stanbul Art Fair”, (Etibank) Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1994 “Typical samples of Turkish Print Exhibition, Capitol Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1994 “Print 93”, Group Print Exhibition, (Pan Desing) Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1994 “55th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition”Painting and Print Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1994 “Naz?m Hikmet Culture and Art Foundation” , CRR, ?stanbul.
1995 “10th Aniversary of Anadolu University Painting Exhibition”, Eski?ehir.
1995 “Spring Exhibition”, Karsu Tekstil Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1995 “Intollerance”, Groupe Exhibition, Y?ld?z Palace/ Silahhane, ?stanbul.
1995 “100 Artists 100 Works,” Groupe Exhibition, ?stanbul.
1996 “MSÜ Graphic Faculty 20th Aniversary Print Exhibition”, Vakko Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1996 “The Other” Habitat II, Paintig Exhibition, Antrepo I, ?stanbul.
1997 "Türkiye ?? Bankas? Art Prize " Print Exhibition, ?? Bankas? Art Gallery, Ankara.
1997 "58th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition " Print Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
1998 "Akbank Painting Collection" at Its 50th universary Painting Exibition, Ak Bank Art Gallary, ?stanbul.
1999 "2.nd International Akademy Marmaris Painting Callection",Toprak Bank Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
2000 "75th Türkish Fine Art Exhibition",(Bilim Fine Art Gallery)Bolmabahçe Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
1999 "Exhibition Dreaming of Its Museum"at the Marmara Üniversty Faculy of Fine Arts Gallery, ?stanbul.
1999 "From us from them 14 Original Art Prints"Tem Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
2000 "61th State Painting and Sculpture Exhibition" Print Competition, Ankara (MOPS).
2001 "From us from them 15 Original Art Prints " Tem Art Gallery ,?stanbul.
2002 "Group Exhibition" ISO (?stanbul Sanayii Odas?)Art Gallery, ?stanbul
2001 "Exlibris Exhibition" Gallery Akdeniz, Ankara
2001 "IAM Group Exhibion", Mersin
2001 " From us from them 16 Original Art Prints"Tem Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
2002 "ODTU Art Festival", Ankara
2004 " From us from them 19 Original Art Prints"Tem Art Gallery, ?stanbul.
2005 “5 ?z”, (5 Prints) group exibition, Gallery Biny?l, ?stanbul
2006 " From us from them 19 Original Art Prints"Tem Art Gallery, ?stanbul.

International Exhibitions, Biennials, Triennials

1987 Salzburg International Summer Akademy, Lithography Class Exhibition, Salzburg, Austria.
1991 5th International Print Biennial, Taiwan.
1992 Turkish-American Associations Federation, Turkish Painters Exhibition, New York, USA.
1992 19th International Graphic Arts Biennial, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
1993 Turkish-American Associations Federation, Turkish Painters Exhibition, New York, USA
1993 2nd International Kochi Print Triennial, Japan.
1993 1st International Maastricht Graphic Biennial, Netherlands.
1995 17th Mini Graphic Biennial, Sint Niklaas, Belgium.
1995 Contemporary Turkish Art Exhibition, Houston Art Fair, Houston, USA.
2003 Biennal Internacional d’Art Graphic 2004, ?taly
2004 Art Kisinau workshop, Moldova
2005 ’’ Painter CampusII“ SUMMART, Moldova
2006 ’’ Five of Six“ Parish Gallery 15. y?l Sergisi, Washington D.C, USA
2009 Sofya National Art Academy, Sofya

Collections Possessing Kara Works

Ankara State Painting and Sculpture Museum, Painting & Print Collection.
?zmir DYO Museum, Painting Collection.
Ba?ak Sigorta Painting Collection.
Akbank Painting Collection.
?? Bankas? Painting Collection.
Anadolu University Faculty of Fine Arts Collection.
Hacettepe University Fakulty of Fine Art Collection
Sint Niklaas Ex Libris Museum, Belgium.
IMOGA ?stanbul Museum of Grafis Arts
Internat?onal Museums of Graphic Art, Francavilla al Mare,Italy
Numerous private collections in Turkey and abroad.



In time as language which has become the object of art as well as existing as the postulate of art, assists us in analysing the chaotic structure of the world of objects apart from reaching conceptual dimensions. That it lets us communicate and express ourselves is probably the most significant function of it all. Devabil Kara fares forth from the language concept in his ‘Dilin Söylemedikleri’ titled show examining the world of perception. The artist focuses on things in confronting the incessant transformation and its effects of transforming ourselves new situations that leave us speechless albite sometimes voluntary, and sometimes from ignorance, accumulated and unuttered incommunicables, whatever the reason.