Location: Portugal

I was born in Porto, Portugal back in 1947. Now I'm retired from my thirty-fifth-year-old job as a schoolteacher. Took a University degree in Germanistic Philology in Lisbon and at the same time dedicated my last 37 years to painting and my whole life to drawing.Paintimng in oils give me the chance to find myself and to exchange ideas with other artistswho share the same tastes and opinions. Being in Art is a gift that we all must cherish and develop. Along my career I have participated in many colective exhibitions in my country and one in Denmark last November 2010. Since 1986 I've allowed myself to show my works in 17 individual exhibitions around my country. Next November I'll have another individual one in Porto where I show paintings connected with the poems of one of our most prominent poets- Guerra Junqueiro. Its title Verses with paints. I've also painted all the countries I've visited so far- USA, UK. France. My works have been sold to the public in general and I also have given to some charity institutions in my country and in the UK. And I still go on painting... it's my life. Thanks for visiting my Artavita page. Best wishes, Isaura
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Verses and Paints

It's a group of works all connected with the verses of one of the most prominent Portuguese poets of the 19th and 20th centuries

The Tear “The Tear”

This is a raindrop fallen down on a figtree that also fell down to a desert plant with no flowers. But by magic a purple flower bloomed on that sad plant because of that God's tear.

Mater “Mater”

The Virgin in all Her sadness and acceptance after Her Son's death.

Guilhermina Suggia “Guilhermina Suggia”

The well-known Portuguese cello player, a great friend of the poet who was born in Porto, my hometown.

Maria Isabel “Maria Isabel”

Guerra Junqueiro's daughter, a great lady who fought all her life to establish a foundation for her father's artworks. You can visit this house in Porto. It's called Casa-Museu Guerra Junqueiro and it's there I'm going to show these artworks next 10th November 2012

Brunette “Brunette”

A brunette rose among all other roses.

Life goes on “Life goes on”

A white lillium grows from the ashes of another plant.

The violin players “The violin players”

Nightingales teach us how to sing your songs.

Fiel “Fiel”

The name of a dog who served his master until the end, having survived being drowned in a river. He came home again and brought his master his painter's cap. A very sad story.

To Mimi “To Mimi”

Mimi was the poet's wife. He addresses her a most lovely poem talking about her eyes being like forget-me-nots and her mouth like a red rose.

Portuguese Soul

This is a collection of Portuguese traditions, culture, landscapes and costumes

Alentejanas “Alentejanas”

Two girls from Alentejo in their usual country costumes

Moliceiros “Moliceiros”

The traditional boats of Aveiro, Portugal

Saudade “Saudade”

Saudade is a Portuguese word for all those who feel the loss of someone, either because the person is no longer alive, or if it is far away.
This image tries to relate the story of a young orphan whose father, a fisherman, lots his life at sea and every sunset she goes to the beach waiting for him to come in the sunrays.

The seagull at Caxinas, Vila do Conde “The seagull at Caxinas, Vila do Conde”

A seagul I saw landing at this beach when I was walking by.

Dunes- Mosteir√≥ “Dunes- Mosteir√≥”

Painting done from a photo I took locally.

Love, Women and Flowers

This is a group I'm working on for a future exhibiton. It deals mainly with Love, women and flowers. For love I chose ballerinas and their partners. All the other paintings deal with women and flowers. They're current suibjects of mine.