Location: Canada

Frédéric Dénommée (aka Fré) was born in 1973 in Beloeil, Canada. Self-taught painter, Fré attended the Montréal art scene and galleries for ten years to complete his education. His passion for painting was immediate and intense. He then flirted side of Cubism, Fauvism and lyrical abstraction.

In a short time, the artist is immediately established itself as an emerging artist and has participated in several solo and group exhibitions. Recently, he was able not only to present his works in America but also in galleries and museums in Europe.

The paintings of Fré are now in several private and corporate collections.

Muse of many of his paintings, music is everywhere when Fré creates. Inhabited by the rhythm or melody, Fré is guided by his spatula. Then it is the need to pour its energy that is at the heart of the artist's approach. He enjoys working with the material. It restores good gesture. The impression remains that allows us to reconstruct the genesis of the work. His work with the spatula allows blending and fine depth effects. The painter's gesture is intuitive. Some paintings emerge here and there elements of figuration. The result is alive, colorful and vibrant paintings.

« I like to tell a story. But beyond the narrative, the recognizable, I like my painting reflects primarily a high energy. » -Fré