Anatolii Lipkin



Crying “Crying”

Mixed media,65x69cm

Sorry me or not “Sorry me or not”

First artwork in melangelism.
"Melangelism" (melanger-mixing,french) The point of this direction is to create contrast of a technique and styles between several directions composed in different plans on the canvas. Mixing could be done among Abstract, Fovism, Minimalism, Pop art, Kubism and other styles that have to create contrast with Realism part. Each work symbolizes the historical way of art from abstract to traditional and back, that requires ability from artist to work and in different genres.

Javier Bardem`s basics of masturbation “Javier Bardem`s basics of masturbation”

Oil canvas: 91x103cm
"Javier Bardem`s basics of masturbation" is the first work of style created by Anatolii L. named Oltre - realism (italian. Oltre - above).
The style is dismissal of the concepts of morality, consistency, standards and laws.Aimed at erasing a reality, blurring the generalized notion of "feelings" and detailed visual perception of the author with not limited theses and general terminology.
Indeed, the perception of the artist is not too stable and varied, has many aftertastes and even the ability to change the contents of his works with a certain time pereiod.
Unlike Surrealism (dream and reality) in Oltre realism transfering emotional content of the artist preceded idea initially that sets the direction,but not spontaneous projection of allusions and the irrationality from the unconscious what the surrealists were striving.
Oltre realism is a symbiosis of the internal state and the perception of the artist with the smallest components embedded in one essence.

"Javier Bardem`s basics of masturbation" is also the first work from the series "Nous of Flesh"

The purpose of the series - a game of perception through the desired shape , associations and habitual thinking.

What causes us to desire, passion , eclipsing our mind?
After all this, we need only fragments,for a man is not necessarily to see all the female body to feel attraction. Enough to see a few areas to experience the color, shape everything else will construct mind .
Seeing legs we are instinctively building a chain of associations : physique, preferred color of clothing, face shape , hair color .
Seeing the neck and a chin we represent: lip shape , eye color , hair, height, age , breast size , voice , etc. ..

But what happens if you combine these moments presented in an unusual sequence for us? How our perception will react ?
Will there be a fight with an imaginary consciousness desired with an unusual and unnatural ?
For this work Javier instantly came to my mind, the actor that can not be unadmired with his versatility and thirst for experimentation, changing images, ready again to erase the previous line for new and unique role.

The work is a transference to the one flash: express all feelings, associations, images appear in the head ejaculator at the Great moment.

Ever desire of youth “Ever desire of youth”

Oil,canvas 60x80cm

illusion323 “illusion323”

Oil canvas,112x84cm