Yoko Naito

yoko naito

Location: Japan


Born in Japan
Currently lives in New York

2007 BFA, Photography, Nihon University College of Art, Tokyo, Japan

Solo Exhibition

2012 silent HOME One North Piers, Brooklyn, NY
maybe see you? KINOKUNIYA, New York, NY

2011 silence of breath graphite Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

Selected Exhibition

2012 Beyond 1 lens & Over 100 eyes hpgrp GALLERY, Chelsea, NY
Spring Filing Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
OVERSEAS2012 RICOH RING CUBE Photo Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
'Tokyo?New York Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2011 Queens Queer Cultural Festival Queens Pride House, Queens, NY
J-Art Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY

2010 AIR SPACE WOMb Contemporary Art Gallery, Queens, NY

2009 M?:making, marking, mapping Photo Gallery International, Tokyo, Japan


2012 Becas Roberto Villagraz 2012, Finalist, EFTI, Spain
2011 Crate NYC 2011,U.S.A, Houston Museum of African American Culture
Artslant Showcase, U.S.A


2011 Williamsburg Art & Historical Center, Brooklyn, NY
National Academy of Fine Arts, New York , NY


silence of breath

Once we all; Animals and  the Human-Beings, lived mutually on the same land.
Animals, stayed on the land and adapted. 
Whereas we; the Human-Beings, left this land to build our Civilizations. 

I could hear the breath from the Animals.
They won't say anything to us.
Just stare with their silence of breath.
Our land has been greatly changed. Which is now difficult for Animals to live on.
However, all of us once lived together in this same land.

Since when have we only cared about ourselves?  
Humans have continued talking and have neglected to listen to the sayings of others.
All of us have changed the world to indulge in our own ways .
We think there is justice to insist on our self without any doubt.
How is it that we are unquestionably right, and the world consists only for us?
What remains now is a world absent of all harmony… 

They stare at us egoists, with silence of breath.