Richard Sikora

As an art director, photographer and artist,
Richard Sikora is known for his unique
multi disciplined visual innovations,

Working with the many of the major forces in
design and photography, during New York’s
creative renaissance of the 1970’s he developed
an adventurous and daring creative spirit.

He has designed and photographed for
advertising, TV commercials, graphics and
catalogs in the fashion, beauty, home furnishings
and retail industries.

As an educator, he encourages his students to see
through 21st century eyes and explore revolutionary
ways of designing for and communicating with
a multi cultured, world audience.

Collaborating with clients he works to build a
visual vocabulary that specifically defines their
professional point of view, products or services.

A creative adventurer and innovator,
Richard Sikora not only, thinks outside of the box...
he takes it apart and redesigns it.


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