By the year 1983 Lawrence had received a BA degree from Immaculate Conception Seminary, degrees in Counseling Psychology and Studio Art from the University of Missouri. An appreciation for nature, begun on his father's farm in Kansas, is now nurtured on the pinon-filled hills and mountains, blue-blue skies, hot sun, cool winds, dry and richly marbled, rocky, earth of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Revelation of energy, pent up energy, penned in strong contrasts and color, is a theme prevalent through out his work--like veins in rocks and explosions in galaxies--icons of the spirit derived mostly from present moment experiences before reason can modify. The varied cultural traditions show in his use of vivid color, expressive forms, religious symbols in his art and earthy-religious metaphors in his writings.
He has experience in acrylkic painting on paper, hard board, and glass. In the Fall of 2006 he began his adventure in digital creations--marriage of hand and computer. He keeps the computer as an adjunct to the hand making his works personal and human. He has found a local printer who brings them to life in pigment ink on very fine, cold press paper--giclee prints.
Two books of words with art can be found on the following site. and More art at


One of a Kind

These are archival, one of a kind prints on heavy, acid free paper; created with hand and computer, unframed. They are printed by Giclee Today using pigment inks and acid free paper. They well be signed and numbered (1/1), titled and dated by artist. It takes about 2 weeks for printing and mailing to artist then artist ships to buyer. Sizes up to 40 inches are possible.

c476b “c476b”

This is an icon of nature with its blended colors and forms. It will be printed by Giclee Today then signed, numbered 1/1 and titled with date by artist. Giclee uses pigment inks and acid free paper. The size is 24" by 17".