Gaby Koeter

Gaby Koeter (1970)

I’ve been working for ten years now as an independent artist in my own studio making all kinds of different work with all kinds of material.
My work includes,
Decorative paintings on all kind of objects like barrel organs and specially made furniture
Realistic wall paintings on wooden panels for institutions for the elderly people
Paintings with mixed media (acrylics, paper, epoxy) for sale and rental, realistic or abstract
Ceramics tiles and utensils, urns and birth ceramics
Design and making of 3D objectives in wood, Plexiglas or paper with or without led light



Working with the laser gives something extra, it gives me a "wow" moment because it's so different from what is in your head and what is comming out of the machine. It's like creating a little bit of life, you try to imagine what it would be like but it's so much greater when it is finally in your hands.
Objects made by laser is a process of creating with the heart, trying to imagine what it will become, letting it go and celebrating when it gets home.

Demure-Shy & reserved “Demure-Shy & reserved”

Made by laser
3 Dimensions

New York City Light “New York City Light”

Made by laser
Plexiglas & ledlight
3 Dimonsions

Torso “Torso”

Made by laser
Wood & coloured wax
3 Dimensions


All my paintings are not just paint and canvas, there is always something more....old paperwork, missing letters, notepads or more??

The Dance “The Dance”

Mixed media