Bert Liverance

bert liverance

Location: Canada

Award-winning artist, Bert Liverance, creates larger than life floral paintings that are so alive you’re sure you can smell them. As a sculptor turned painter, Bert achieves a three-dimensional feeling through a highly realistic rendering of light and shadow. Bold compositions and vibrant colours round out his trademark style. Bert has been recognized by the McMichael Canadian Art Gallery, Botanical Artists of Canada, and the American Society of Botanical Artists. He has also designed floral coins for the Royal Canadian Mint. His work has been featured in publications, galleries, and juried exhibitions throughout North America and his paintings are in public and private collections around the world.

I have been influenced by many artists including the French Impressionists with their bold colours and scenes of everyday life. The Canadian Group of Seven also inspired me with their use of colour reflected in the Canadian wilderness. Georgia O’Keefe who put flower paintings front and center in the art world is another influence. But I would have to say the most significant influence in my work is the flowers themselves. Each one is a blessing that could be so easily overlooked. I love celebrating their beauty and grace and preserving that on canvas and paper. That’s why they’re big and bold. I want the flowers to command your attention.

• Royal Botanical Gardens Orchid Show 2020, Burlington Ontario, Second Place
• Botanical Artists of Canada 2017 Show, Robert Langen Art Gallery, Second Place
• Royal Canadian Mint 2014, Flowers of Canada, three coins: Tulip, Rose and Poinsettia
• Royal Botanical Gardens Orchid Show 2014, Burlington Ontario, Best in Class, Best in Show
• Botanical Artists of Canada 2012 Show, Toronto Ontario, Best in Show Oil/Acrylic
• Southern Ontario Orchid Society, 29th Annual Orchid Show, Toronto Ontario Feb 2008, Best in Class, Best in Show
• Yonge Lawrence Village Artwalk 2007, Toronto Ontario, 3rd place award winner
• “The Artist’s Magazine 1999 Art Competition”, Jan 2000, 2nd place

• The Artist’s Magazine article and reproduction "Art Clinic” Jun 2000
• The Artist’s Magazine article and reproduction "Artists on the Rise” Jan 2000

• The Conversation - 2021 Exhibition, Aurora Cultural Centre 2021
• Uxbridge Studio Tour, Uxbridge, ON 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
• Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts, Uxbridge, ON 2014, 2019
• Botanical Artists of Canada, Cotton Factory Show, 2018
• Botanical Artists of Canada, 150th Anniversary Show, 2017
• McMichael Autumn Art Sale, Kleinberg, ON 2009, 2013
• Botanical Artists of Canada 2012 Show, Toronto, ON 2013
• National Oil and Acrylic Painters’ Society “Best of America! 2004, 2005”, Osage Beach MO 2005
• 23rd Annual Beaverton Visual Arts Showcase, Beaverton OR 2005
• Audubon Society’s Nature & Wildlife Art Competition & Exhibition, Portland OR 2004
• Ontario Society of Artists 126th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, John B. Aird Gallery, Toronto ON 2000

• Life drawing courses, The Torpedo Factory, Alexandria VA 1987
• Certificate of Fine Arts Candidate, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland OR 2003 - 2006
• Diploma in Botanical Illustration with Merit, Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Aug 2017

• Botanical Artists of Canada
• American Society of Botanical Artists

CONTACT BERT or 905 424 8551
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Flowers - Always in Bloom

I have been creating floral art for over fifteen years, yet it feels like I have just begun painting flowers, there are so many flowers to explore. Floral botanical art continues to inspire me. Every flower I paint captivates me with the colour light and shadow. The diversity of flowers provides me with an endless supply of new ideas. I am a member of the Botanical Artists of Canada to learn, grow and support Botanical and Floral Art.

Hula Girls “Hula Girls”

Hula Girls are Plumeria Flowers also know as Frangipani. The flowers of these beautiful plants are used in making traditional Hawaiian leis, thus the name Hula Girls. The light and shadows add to the drama and movement of these beautiful flowers. The hues in the shadows are cool blues and purples which compliment the flower yellow centres.

Nevisian Ladies “Nevisian Ladies”

Nevisian Ladies is a Cattleya Orchid I saw at the beautiful Golden Rock property in Nevis. I loved how the colours of the Orchid centres were so vibrant against the lighter petals, a clear invitation to the creatures that pollinate. I utilized the Fibonacci Spiral in my composition with the center of the spiral starting at the center of the upper left flower with the strongest values. The overlapping petals, light and shadow add to the sense of three dimension.

Peace “Peace”

Peace is a blue Columbine flower, one in full bloom sharing the beauty of today with a bud just below with the promise for the future. The blue flower offers us a serene and peaceful image where our cares and worries can just float away.