Luca Amendola

Luca amendola

Location: Italy

Born in Naples in 1977
Begins to play with the Aerosol Art in 1995 as a teenager soon become known in the underground world of graffiti.
Its the Tag could be found in many different places, continues to work on the wall and trains for long time.For a short play and reintroduces in a pop sacred images on canvas using the airbrush
From 2008 he devoted himself to his artwork and digital proposing works ranging from social protest to the sacred and the profane
Cut and sew samples of imagination: they reduce it to shreds, toso them, then return them, a figaro, reborn in harmony and new direction. Investigation pop, the colors and the spleen oltraggianti decadent, is only the starting point.

You define a graphomaniac, chews and shreds our iconic repertoire, clear concept and filled with color, creating a world vulgar and majestic at the same tempo.come Warhol's paintings and photos of LaChapelle, his works flattering look for rape . Luka Red, aka Luca Amendola


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