Barbara Richter

Barbara Richter

Location: Germany

For me, painting allows the expression of sensuality and love. I have been an artist my whole life although with varying degrees of training. I started out as a hobby artist playing with watercolors, various mixing techniques and photography. That quickly turned into a passion that led to becoming an art teacher. Throughout my years as a teacher I always embraced enhancing letters/initials and developed my own signature style. 14 years later I opened KUSIE (Kunstsiegel “Artful Seal”) to dedicate more time to this art form. Colors, letters and random patterns come together to a sensuous unity. Each seal is unique and a bearer of joy. You can discover something new at KUSIE every day.


Abstraktion und Fantasie

Die Angst oder Gestrandet  “Die Angst oder Gestrandet ”

Titel: Die Angst oder Gestrandet 
Datum: 22.10.2017
Technik: Mischtechnik / Knittertechnik 
Pitt Marker   Künstlertusche
Öl Pastellkreide 
Aquarellpapier / Bambus
24x32 cm 

Kunstsiegel-Beethoven Romanze Nr. 2 in F “Kunstsiegel-Beethoven Romanze Nr. 2 in F”

Kunstsiegel-Beethoven Romanze Nr. 2 in F
Medium: Painting: mixed media
42 cm x 29 cm

Alte Seelen  “Alte Seelen ”

Titel : Alte Seelen 
Datum : 2016
Technik: Mischtechnik 
Wachsmalstifte, Marker

Mystisches Flussufer “Mystisches Flussufer”

Mystisches Flussufer / 22.09.2017 / Öl-Pastellkreide, Gold und Silber Marker / Aquarellpapier , Knittertechnik / 33,5x 23 cm /

Geistige Verbindung “Geistige Verbindung”

Malerei/ Mischtechnik/ Knittertechnik / Aquarellpapier
Pastell - Ölkreide, Marker, Wachsmalstifte
31 cm x 23,5 cm