Location: Austria


Kerstin Kager was born in Graz in Austria in 1966. After her studies of French and German she became a language teacher. In 2001 she finished the study of arttherapy.

Since her childhood Kerstin Kager has been fascinated by colours and artwork. She has always been impressed with colours, shapes and shadows. In her artistic work she uses expressive colours in her paintings on the one hand, on the other hand she draws powerful lines in black and white.

Motives of landscapes and water as well as men and animals are typical for the Austrian artist. So, she has her sketchbook always ready to catch remarkable moments of everyday life. Spontaneously she sketches scenes on the road when travelling around the world.

Since 1997, Kerstin Kager has been exposing her work in different exhibitions in Austria and other European countries as Germany, France or Italy. Her comprehensive exhibitions show a great variety of her works of art.
Since 2019, She is present on international art events in USA and in Europe. For any further information please visit her website:


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