Dvir Ruth

dvir ruth

Location: Israel

Ruthy Dvir
My Connection to the fashion world in general and to dresses in particular, has been a part of me ever since childhood. It has been accompanying me and has developed with me as well, and naturally has also been commemorated in my art.
I was born in Belgium, and from a young age on I've realized that you can "talk" through clothing, and that on their part, they can "talk" to me as well. Later on I was the owner of a fashion house in Israel. I designed, dreamed and breathed clothes. From there it was a short, but not easy path, to painting dresses
Years of painting dresses have accompanied me in a private and very powerful developing process which represents to me a metaphor for my emotional, diverse, rich and turbulented inner world.
For me the painting is on the one hand a form, material and color but on the other- liberty, momentum and strength that can express perfection, contradiction and testing the boundaries. A sort of inner song in dialogue with the external, a link between the visible and the hidden, between the complete and the lacking and between the spiritual and material.


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