Adam Mielu Pakurar

Adam Mielu Pakurar

Location: Austria

• Born on May 12, 1962 in Grebenac-Banat / Serbia etc.
• In Summer Academy and worked as a restorer, designer and sculptor
• Then back to his home Zrenjanin / Banat - deepening his work there as a naive and contemporary painter
• After 3 years in Grebenac / Banat, active in the field of literature and theatre director
• During a visit with his mother in Salzburg / Austria, it was impossible to return because of the Yugoslavian war
• Since then he has lived in Salzburg / Austria, and has operated

Adam Pakurar-Mielu sees himself as a faithful chronicler of the times,
specifically in the near vicinity of his home were more than Varied.

With his very special ability to take always the point of observation,
he understands to strike events in seemingly harmless, colourful
and package effective compositions, while the viewers
give his art a very special message.

He does so in all possible techniques and understands how
to create works of art from almost all materials,
which can be interpreted in many cases their testimony.

Numerous exhibitions at home and abroad as well as various prices
in recognition of his artistic process
accompany Adam Pakurar-Mielu's life
Golden Award “Amí’ del Europe” in Baden-Baden (2004)
Art Fair Salzburg -2002 (A) -2003 -2004 Salzburg forum kind of Baden-Baden (D)
Meisterschveind 2005 (Ch), 2006 Constance (D) .2007 Strasbourg (F) 2008 New York
2012 Museum of Americas(MoA) ,6 – 14 juni IBAEM 2013 (Miami –Biennale) by facebook Adam Mielu Pakurar by by ,
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