Location: Belgium

Pejo, winner of The London Art Biennale 2019 for applied art. In real life and in artistic life a couple that made its way into the glass art world, Johanna as Laureate Master in stained glass and fusion techniques and Peter an award winning international designer joined hands and minds to create contemporary glass art. Their drive to push boundaries and experimenting with new materials and techniques resulted in a great variety of glass art and styles. Creating their own unique style, resulted in international recognition. The exclusive and unique designs made with the Pejo technique came by just following their urge to discover how far glass will allow them to be bent, colored and shaped as they imagine it. Besides numerous international prizes they have a diverse exposition history with expositions in The MEAM Barcelona, London, Madrid, Lisbon, Strasbourg, Firenze, Palermo, New York, Miami, Zurich, Norway, Belgium and a permanent expo in the Museum of contemporary art in Denmark.


Pejo Glass Art

A Belgian artists couple who made it's way into the international glass art scene.

Portret “Portret”

Our Silhouettes in glass

Silver Flock “Silver Flock”

Triptych glass fusion 3x 40 x 80 cm

Neblina de Bling Bling “Neblina de Bling Bling”

How the young ones are blinded by the daily Bling Bling on social media, all the same dress all the same haircut and all they see is silver mist.

All that Jazz “All that Jazz”

3 glass fusions swinging the roof of

Sanne “Sanne”

In the series of the invisible children, transparent glass fusion mounted on a swing

The Dress “The Dress”

Glass fusion, just married or not?