Ann Rayment

Ann Rayment

Location: Australia

Ann Rayment is a mixed media contemporary Landscape artist from Dolphin Point NSW, Australia.
The Australian landscape is her inspiration.
She loves the looseness and unpredictability of marks and experimenting with collage and colour in layers.
She explores the subject through making direct responses with mediums such as ink, pastel charcoal, and acrylic paint.
Her brush strokes are bold and energetic, capturing the rawness of the Australian Landscape.
Ann has held workshops all over Australia and it is her passion to pass on her knowledge to other artists.
She believes everyone can paint, it’s all about having the right mindset. Have fun with the process and don’t have high expectations of the product.


Australian Landscape

The artwork in this portfolio depict the Australian Landscape and the people or things that affect the constantly changing environment.

Isolation “Isolation ”

My work ‘Isolation’ is my interpretation of the meaning of the word.
It is my interpretation of the ‘big picture’ of the world which became evident during the pandemic.
The state of being separated from the community can cause feelings of loneliness, anxiety,
disconnection and negative self-esteem . People can be isolated by race, class, being a member of a minority group, or as in recent times, a pandemic.
Life can go on around us yet we are totally separated.
The lack of control over being restricted created frustration and anger.
Within this isolation there is hope that the situation will improve.
The figures in my artwork are reaching out to each other in many different ways. It might be a hand held out , a longing look , a conversation or a positive thought across a space.
This piece is multi-layered with collage, acrylic and glazes.
Each layer has been scratched to reveal under details or covered up to create additional interest