Texas born christian, who began creating as an outlet to focus destructive behaviors into constructive ones. I sculpt, carve, draw, and dabble with photo shop art


Recent trials

These are the most recent works I have created during the pandemic.

Wooden Moses stained glass “Wooden Moses stained glass”

This is a work that I made based on the sculpture I made by the same name.

The red eye “The red eye”

Here's the view from my porch at the cabin I rented for a few weeks in Beaumont Texas during the ice storm of 2021. It's red because I was so mad at the owners who had no sympathy for those of us without water.

Lunch plate bugs print “Lunch plate bugs print”

This is a picture of the "free lunch" we were being served on the night shift. The bugs I hand carved and polished from lapis lazuli. Throw in a little photo editing and voila! You have the lunch plate print.