Agustin Goba

It must be genetic. My father was a photographer, my mother a singer. I have a brother who is a sculptor, a sister who is an artist, another sister who is a singer, and another sister who creates mad martinis.

I have worked as a graphic designer, an illustrator, and a long list of the usual odd jobs, including wildfire fighter, chef's assistant, school and ski area bus driver, newspaper columnist, pizza cook, hod carrier, short order cook, and art director.

I spent a lot of time outside when I was growing up, immersed in the natural world, and that hasn't changed.

I bike, ski, kayak, raft, write fiction and non, and am constantly intrigued by all aspects of natural history, science, and new technology. All of which informs, flavors, and spices my art.

Born in 1960, raised in Aspen, Colorado

Formal Education

Northern Arizona University, 1985

Cochise College, Arizona, 1980


Emporium & Flying Circus
315 E Main St, Aspen, CO 81611
(970) 544-2499

Emporium & Flying Circus
132 Midland Ave
Inside Midland Ave Mall
Basalt, Colorado 81621


The Leaf Series

My latest work is an exploration of microcosms of nature, of the colors, shapes, and patterns that make each leaf we see on trees a unique and amazing creation. I am especially drawn to leaves displaying fall colors, as each leaf “goes out in a blaze of glory” and ends its existence with a celebration of bright colors.

I take macroscopic photos of leaves, then play with them, paint over them digitally, and enlarge them to hundreds of times their original sizes. I have the images printed and baked onto sheets of aluminum, then cut out the leaves using a scroll saw, so that their organic shapes aren't bound in artificial rectangular shapes, making them more a part of their environment than a framed picture.

Each piece is as unique as the leaves themselves. Once printed, the digital file is deleted and only the one print remains.

An additional bonus of this process is that the images are impervious to ultraviolet light and waterproof, providing a medium that should have a longevity far surpassing most traditional painting mediums.

Medium Green, Orange, and Red Aspen Leaf 2 “Medium Green, Orange, and Red Aspen Leaf 2”

App. 33" x 31"
c. 2014
Selected to appear in the 2014 Biennial art show, Red Brick Art Center, Aspen, Colorado