Zainab Farah


Location: Kuwait

Amateur painting artist
Born knowing how to draw, paint
self thought
interested in pop art and spontanuous reality


Kuwait Inspiration

It has been two years that i am living in Kuwait after moving from my birth country Morocco
Many things have cought my attention, i have learnt many new things, lived new adventures, experienced new feelings, and i felt inspired to express this all in my paintings
i hope you enjoy

Energy Halo “Energy Halo”

Open for new experiences, eager to learn more, a simple sketch of my face surrounded by good vibes

Acrylic on canvas, Neon colors (80x60)

Saturday Morning “Saturday Morning”

Best thing to start a saturday morning in Kuwait ? how about a jog in this beautiful place, to enjoy the sea breeze, and then a nice breakfast with a view
ps : weekend days in Kuwait are Friday & Saturday iso Saturday & Sunday

Acrylic on canvas (100x80)

Moroccan Hammam Nostalgia “Moroccan Hammam Nostalgia”

Everything can be found in Kuwait, except the luxury of a fancy Moroccan Hammam, nothing beats the wellbeing feeling of stretching your muscles after a nice scrub under the jasmine scented sauna heat

Acrylic on canvas (180x150)

Silhouette “Silhouette”

Kuwait ladies are more influenced by plastic interventions than their Moroccan counterparts
beauty clinics ads are everywhere
all ladies wish to maintain a nice sexy shape in a place where you can find all the food chains, and order more than you cook

Acrylic on canvas (100x80)

love of my life “love of my life”

in Kuwait, i met the love of my life, my cat, a very lovely Persian Chinchilla princess, Goldie! named after her golden hair

Acrylic on canvas (60x40)

Sports cars dream “Sports cars dream”

For a mechanical sports lover, Kuwait is a dream come true, almost everybody owns a sports car and races in the desert!
nice vibes i am telling you

Blue Porsche 911 Carrera

Acrylic on canvas (100x80)